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The Spirit Underground:

Conversations on Liberation Podcast

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Ep. 4 – What is the Spirit Underground?

Spelunking the depths of the Spirit Underground, Spring Washam and Lama Rod Owens join together for a conversation on liberation and ancestors.

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In this episode Spring and Lama Rod dive into:

  • What is the Spirit Underground?
  • The intersection of social liberation and spiritual liberation
  • Samsara, suffering, safety, consciousness, and freedom
  • Wisdom from Spring’s new book, The Spirit of Harriet Tubman: Awakening from the Underground
  • Great Beings sharing wisdom downloads from the spirit realm
  • The “Spiritual Industrial Complex”
  • Ancestors, repeating history, and connecting with Divine Love
  • Trauma and letting go
  • Choosing love over hate to overcome oppressive systems

“What we’re doing is talking about both social liberation and spiritual ultimate liberation, and we’re trying to find the intersection of both of those liberations in this moment.” – Lama Rod Owens

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