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Written by Spring Washam

“The Spirit of Harriet Tubman


Harriet Tubman’s spirit is rising again, and this is your field guide to the revolution.

In this book, we explore Harriet’s incredible journey of strength, fearlessness, and love in the face of hatred and oppression—and how to apply her teachings to the challenges we face as a society today.

Whether we need to focus on cultivating supportive practices for ourselves or on developing skills to engage more broadly with what is unfolding in the larger world, the inspiring story of Harriet Tubman can support us as we respond to this unprecedented time.

We can learn how to remain fearless in the face of hatred and confusion. And through Harriet Tubman’s guidance, we will learn how to meet the challenges of this moment with a compassionate heart, deepening our roots of resilience to become powerful conductors of love and truth in our own lives.

“Wow! An extraordinary and inspiring story, one of power and heart…Harriet will touch your spirit and change you for the good.”

Jack Kornfield

Author & Buddhist Practitioner

“Spring brings to us her life and Harriet's in a voice that is both beautiful and courageous.”

Roshi Joan Halifax

Buddhist Teacher & Author

“Washam brings considerable gifts for conveying her vision of personal change and offers vivid, inspiring testimony to the power of Buddhism (and other wisdom traditions) to help heal suffering.”

Publishers Weekly

Weekly Trade News Magazine

“A Fierce Heart


You’re invited to explore deep and honest reflections on compassion and suffering.

This book is designed to challenge you in the best possible ways. And showcases global stories of compassion in action.

With stories from south central LA to the jungles of Peru, I share my own interpretation of the Buddha’s 2,500-year-old teachings, aimed at getting to the heart of mindfulness, wisdom, and compassion.

“I believe A Fierce Heart will find its way where no book of Buddhist thought in the Western world has gone before: into the homes and hearts of those who have doubted whether the teachings of the Buddha would ever brighten their obscure doors, or open and uplift their challenged souls.”

Alice Walker

Writer, Poet & Social Activist