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The Harriet Tubman Revolution

Calling on the courage & power of our ancient freedom fighters

Accessing ancestral wisdom for a modern movement.

If the cycle of trauma in today’s world has left you a bit lost, disempowered, and in the dark, you’re not alone. Up ahead in the distance, there’s a light—a lantern illuminating the path and a leader to bring you back to yourself, back to your power, and back to your people.

Harriet Tubman is a Bodhisattva. Her spirit guides the way to liberation for us all and has laid the groundwork for revolutions past, present, and future. Now is your time to follow that beacon, find your revolutionary journey, and learn how to light the way for others.

The awakening of the collective consciousness is upon us. 
The time is now.

The Spirit of Harriet Tubman: Awakening From The Underground


Explore Harriet’s incredible journey of strength, fearlessness, and love in the face of hatred and oppression; learn how to apply her teachings to the challenges we’re facing today.

“An extraordinary and inspiring story, one of power and heart…Harriet will touch your spirit and change you for the good.”

Jack Kornfield

Author & Buddhist Practitioner

The Spirit of Harriet Tubman Course


Move from helplessness to empowerment and from shame to love. This 6-week course is for those committed to change, interested in learning about one of our most powerful ancestors and about the struggle for black liberation and legacy.

Registration for the next cohort opens in the spring of 2023. Stay tuned!

The Spirit Underground: Conversations on Liberation


Join me and my co-host, Lama Rod Owens, for conversations about social justice, Black liberation theology, white supremacy, collective healing, plant medicine, radical growth, and more.

You can count on sometimes difficult, always enlightening discussions.

Become a conductor of love and truth.

My Awakening From The Underground

In early 2020, I fell asleep feeling tormented by the trauma, pain, and rootlessness experienced by the Black community and other marginalized communities in the US.

That night, I had a powerful dream.

I ran through the darkness, holding onto the corner of Harriet Tubman’s coat. She held up her lantern, showed me the path, and promised to bring me through.

Since then, I haven’t stopped thinking about wanting to learn more from her and teaching her wisdom to others.

I wish for Harriet’s strength and courage, and all who are oppressed, hurting, or lost to have that strength and courage, too.

My journey to teaching Harriet’s wisdom began with a 5-week course about her life, turning into a weekly meeting of “The Church of Harriet,” where I deepened my relationship with her and my community.

This journey further evolved into researching and writing a book about my relationship with this great ancestor and how her lessons apply to our lives today. And I’m so happy to share all of this with you!

The time is now.
Together we can find our power through Harriet.