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Rising Of A New Sun

Documenting The Healing Process of Ayahuasca Among a Community of BIPOC Visionaries, Leaders, & Healers

How We Rise Together

In Rising of A New Sun, we explore the co-optation of plant medicine by the mainstream white spiritual community and the alternative possibilities available when plant medicine is used as a means to liberate ourselves from our collective trauma so that we can be of service to humanity.

Join us in witnessing the actual healing process of working with Ayahuasca, as well as ancestral healing, dismantling internalized white supremacy, the legacy of colonization in our bodies, gender identity, patriarchy, and sexual orientation.

These are the stories of people of color and indigenous folx who have endured so much hardship and are overcoming that suffering to be a beneficial presence for the world. We rise for the benefit of all beings, and together we carry this energy out into the world.