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Embodied, Empowered, and Awake: A Women's Meditation and Movement Retreat

  • Spirit Rock Meditation Center 5000 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard Woodacre, CA, 94973 United States (map)

Teacher(s): Spring Washam Anne Cushman, Debra Chamberlin Taylor, , Erin Selover, Kate Johnson (yoga)

Date: Monday, September 25, 3:00pm - Sunday, October 1, 11:30am

Location: Spirit Rock Meditation Center - upper Retreat Hall

Cost: $1475 - $670 sliding scale, plus a donation to the teacher(s) and retreat staff. Code 300R17. Will open for registration on 5/24/2017

Details: "A women in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will go without pretense, and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself, and only herself."
-Maya Angelou 

How do we live balanced, embodied, meaningful lives amid the complexities of our lives as contemporary women? How do we meet our ever-changing bodies with acceptance, love, and a sense of humor? How do we respond wisely to our current social and environmental realities that call for our unique contribution? 

We all need nourishing spaces to slow down and listen to the wisdom of our bodies-so we can grow into the wise, wild, present, and joyful women that the world desperately needs. Join a diverse circle of women for a retreat that integrates a seamless flow of mindfulness meditation in both movement and in stillness. We will consciously create a nourishing space for women of all races, sizes, ages, sexual identities, religions and classes to dive into the depths of our individual and collective rivers. We'll honor the lineages of awakened women as we sit and move in a circle of sisters, grandmothers, mothers, and daughters. 

Seated meditation will alternate with periods of qigong, gentle yoga, and guided movement explorations--releasing habitual tension and returning us to the river of love, awareness, and wisdom that is our birthright. We learn to sustain an unbroken flow of embodied mindfulness in a durable and flexible way that translates directly to our daily lives. Through stilling the mind and moving the body freely, we awaken a well-spring of power and energy so we can return to the world as our full selves. All those who identify as women are welcome.